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Suggestions To Help Present Your Best Self

Here are a few filming tips to keep in mind as you begin your personal branding video journey.

  1. Relax: You will come across more confident and presentable when you are relaxed while filming (a few deep breaths always helps)
  2. Practice: Once your script is complete, read it over a few times to practice your delivery.
  3. Background: Keep the area behind you free and clear of clutter, stage your environment, remember this is a professional video to viewed by future employers. If possible use a dark wall or background, the contrast aids in the presentation
  4. Light Source: Do not have a light source behind you; this will darken your image on the camera. We can also say this for windows; however, a window off to the side will work. For best results, have the light source in front of you to light up your face.
  5. Wardrobe: A darker shirt of jacket works well, the deeper color provides a nice contrast on film.
  6. Enjoy the Process.