Build Your Brand

Be Seen. Get Hired.

The branding video is not a video resume and is not a substitute for a text resume or an in-person interview. A branding video is a critical career branding asset that communicates who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to the table.

If you are looking for a new gig, job, career change, or looking to brand yourself, then intro|video is for you.

The intro|video process allows you to convey to potential employers who you really are, your business value to them and your skills and experience.  Communicating your core ‘soft skills’ give you an advantage over other candidates and helps create a great first impression.

We’ll work directly with you. Our intuitive script creation system, which is professionally edited upon completion, produces a concise, personal script for you to follow during filming to convey your unique brand & personality.

Yes.  The coached interview session can happen on a phone or laptop.  On a phone however, it needs to be placed on a solid surface, not hand-held.

No, intro|video works with both platforms

No, but it is best to have a clutter-free background.

It is always best to be professionally dressed when doing looking to make a strong impression.

We give you multiple formats of video, full length and a 30 sec LinkedIn profile version. Plus we give you a customizable branding page, customizable email signature and profile headshots. We also include the embed code for including the video in a team/About page and other useful links.