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Be Seen & Get Hired.

We Provide The Tool For Graduates To Shine

Graduates entering today’s workforce face a multitude of challenges. intro|video, provides an opportunity to create a 40-second personal branding video™ that acts as a “pre-interview,” enhancing your Resumé & Profile, providing Hiring Managers & Decision-Makers a chance to see the person behind the resumé.

Leading career professionals & influencers point to the ever-growing importance of video to enhance a graduate’s career search. Our complete video process allows graduates to showcase their PassionWho They Are, and the Value They Add to an Organization.

If you’re an academic institution or program is looking for an innovative way for your graduates to stand out with employers, work with us to set up a pilot program.  We have worked with MBA programs, Universities and programs that support opportunity youth.  Email for more information.

What They're Saying About Our Program

We Offer Special Academic Group Pricing

For College Career Centers & Counselors that are interested in bringing intro|video to their campus, graduates or soon to be graduating, contact us and inquire about intro|video’s Special Group Academic Discounts.

You're Not Hired Solely on Your Resumé or Major

Hiring Managers want to know who the person is behind the text. Present your graduates with the opportunity to show their Communication Skills, Energy, Focus, and Drive; all attributes a text-only resumé can’t offer.

Where Can Graduates Use Their Video?

intro|video provides Graduates multiple options to use their powerful career building asset. They can place their 40-second video into such platforms as their Linkedin or Handshake profiles, Email Signature, Resume, or anywhere else they can insert their Branding URL.

The IV Academic Program

Academic Discount

We understand the cost of higher education can be daunting; intro|video will work with academic institutions to either provide our program as part of their student’s education package or at a discount for individual student purchases. This package also includes Senior Staff & Faculty.

IntroVideo personal brand video

We Help Craft Your Graduates Message

intro|video’s prompt-based questionnaire will guide your student and help them find their message, producing a concise script they will follow during filming that conveys their unique brand & personality.

IntroVideo personal brand video

We'll Guide Your Graduates Through The Process

An experienced intro|video™ team member will assist each student through their questionnaire and filming process; our coaches are patient, with the end goal being to deliver the best possible branding video for each student.

IntroVideo personal brand video
IntroVideo personal brand video

Strongest Clips Selected To Best Represent Each Graduate

After filming is complete, the intro|video™ program will select the best parts of your interview, ensure video & audio clarity, and deliver a 40-second video that will help you make a great impression with Decision-Makers.

IntroVideo personal brand video

We'll Help Show Your Valued Skillset

After all of the into|video steps are completed, the program will select the best parts of your filming session, and the result is a finished professional personal branding video that will allow you to tell who you are and what you do.

A Group of Networking Tools To Help You Promote You

The completion of filming does not end your relationship with intro|video; We are happy to provide powerful branding tools to aid in growing your network. You’ll be given an intro|video™ Branding Page, three HD Headshots, and a Custom Email Signature template. You will also be able to place your video into a Linkedin or Handshake profile page, Resumé, or anywhere a URL is accepted.

IntroVideo personal brand video
IntroVideo personal brand video